What is Snowboarding?

CADS - NS provides opportunities, for persons with a disability in Nova Scotia to experience the joy of participating in alpine adaptive snow sports.

CADS meet the requirements and needs of people living with all disabilities which also include:

·    Visual Impairments  

·    Autism Spectrum Disorders & Cognitive Impairments

·    Hemiplegics, Paraplegics & Quadriplegics

·    Upper or lower body amputees

Snowboarder being tethered by volunteers.

There are four hills in Nova Scotia with CADS programs - Martock, Wentworth, Ben Eoin & Smokey.  The cost to join CADS is $40 for the year which includes lift passes at all participating hills, and instruction/ guides based on availability.  Ski times are limited by availability of instructors, so please book early!

Register for CADS -  https://www.skiportal.org/portal/index.php

Book with program coordinator, Zach Dickson, [email protected]

Competitive snowboarding is available through Nova Scotia Snowboard.

Website - https://www.cads-ns.com/

To ski, volunteer or to learn more, contact:

Andrew Hayes
Executive Director - CADS-NS
902-425-5450 x 349
[email protected]