What is Para Rowing?

Adaptive rowing is rowing or sculling for rowers with a disability who meet the criteria set out in the adaptive rowing classification regulations. Adaptive implies that the equipment is “adapted” to the user to practice the sport, rather than the sport being “adapted” to the user.

Learn more about para rowing on the Paralympic Canada website. 

Para Rowing

There are several para rowing opportunities in the province. Para rowing classifications include single, double and a crew of four. The classifications for para rowing are: legs, trunk and arms (PR1), trunks and arms (PR2), and arms and shoulders (PR3). 

Antigonish Rowing Club

Contact: Katie Edwards
[email protected]

North Star Rowing, Lake Banook

Contact: Peter Webster
[email protected]

St. Mary’s Boat Club

Contact: Katherine Harman 
[email protected]

For more information about rowing programs, contact: 
Patrick Thompson
e. [email protected]
t. 902-425-5450 ext. 357