What is Para Archery?

Para Archery is one of the oldest parasports.  Since the first para games in Stoke, Madeville, this sport lends itself well to participants with disabilities.

The objective of the sport is to shoot arrows accurately at a target marked with 10 concentric rings. A hit in the centre ring (bull’s eye) scores 10 points, with the following zones decreasing in point value until the outer ring. 

Learn more about para archery on the Paralympic Canada website.   

Or contact Archery NS - https://www.archeryns.ca/


Costs are usually $30/year and $5/visit.  Plus Archers Association of NS membership of $40/year.


Glooscap Heritage Archers Association

Near Windsor, West Hants

Has indoor range and outdoor range.  Plus a 3-km path with 20 target stations

Contact Gary Oickle - [email protected]

phone (902) 670-3947

Equipment provided


Musquodoboit Archers Association

Rebecca Redden

[email protected]

Northumberland Strait Shooters Para-Archery Club

For more information, contact:
Allan Collie
e. [email protected]
t. 902- 396-5937 
wheelchair user shooting arrows

Osprey Archery Club


Contact Michael Hebb
[email protected]
4093 Prospect Road, Shad Bay