What is Blind Hockey?

Blind Hockey is similar to Ice Hockey but with some differences.

  • The most significant modification is that the sport features an adapted puck that makes noise, and is both bigger and slower than a traditional puck.
  • The net is a foot shorter than a traditional net.
  • Players’ levels of vision range from legally blind – approximately 10% vision or less – to totally blind, with the lowest vision athletes playing defence or goal.
  • Blind Hockey is an excellent spectator sport as it is easily recognizable to the average hockey fan, with minimal rule adaptations to help with gameplay and player safety.
  • Blind Hockey is currently only played in North America, but will hopefully be expanded to six more member countries to make it a Paralympic sport.
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Para Hockey

Recreational & Competitive 


October - March           

Sunday's 7:30pm

Blind Sports Nova Scotia, Hockey Nova Scotia

Shearwater Arena 

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