What is Alpine Skiing-CADS?

CADS Divisions and CADS Local Programs provide opportunities for people with disabilities in Canada to experience the joy of participating and/or competing in alpine adaptive snow sports.

CADS meet the requirements and needs of people living with all disabilities which also include: ·    Visual Impairments  ·    Autism Spectrum Disorders & Cognitive Impairments ·    Hemiplegics, Paraplegics & Quadriplegics ·    Upper or lower body amputees

Alpine Skiing

There are three hills in Nova Scotia with CADS programs - Martock, Wentworth and Ben Eoin.  The cost to join CADS is $40 for the year and equipment, lift pass and instruction are included in the price.  Ski times are limited by availability of instructors, so please book early!

To ski, volunteer or to learn more, contact:

Andrew Hayes
Executive Director - Ski NS, Freestyle NS, CADS-NS, Snowboard NS
5516 Spring Garden Rd, 4th floor
Halifax, NS B3J-1G6
902-425-5450 x 349
[email protected]