Sitting Volleyball

FREE – 4-week program – Oct 28, Nov 4, 11 & 18 (2018) at Canada Games Centre 6:30-8pm.  Each week we’ll spend 15 minutes learning the basic rules and skills of Sitting Volleyball before teaming up and playing for an hour. Bring a friend and get a limited edition VNS T-shirt!

Contact Jason Trepanier – – 902-425-5450 EXT 322

Frequently asked questions:
Do I have to go to all four sessions? No, you can come to one session or all four. We only ask that you contact us so we know you’re coming.
Do I need to know how to play Sitting Volleyball? No, we’ll go over the rules and teach you some skills before we play.
Do I need a team? No, teams will be made each night from the players that come. We’ll likely mix the teams up during each session so you get to meet new people.
What do I bring: Clothing you feel comfortable playing in. Most people play in shorts or track pants and a t-shirt but we have no rules. We’ll have balls ready and a net set up when you get there.
Do I need to have a disability to play? The program is intended for individuals with a disability, however anyone who wants to play Sitting Volleyball is welcome. Please note that priority will be given to players with a disability should more than 12 people want to play.
Is this program appropriate for people with any type of disability? To play Sitting Volleyball individuals need to have their buttocks on the floor. Players typically move and play the ball with their hands which makes the game great for lower limb amputees.

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RULES : The height of the net (1.15m for men and 1.05m for women) and the size of the court (10m x 6m) are reduced for sitting volleyball;
Front-row players are allowed to block the service of the opponent;
The positions of the players are determined and controlled by the positions of their buttocks. This means that the hand(s) and/or leg(s) of the players may lie in the attack zone (back-row player during an attack hit), in the court (server during the service hit), or in the free zone outside the court (any player during the service hit); and
The players are not allowed to lift their buttocks from the court when they carry out any type of attack-hit.
Players must remain in contact with the court at all times when playing the ball. To stand up, rise or take steps is forbidden. When making a defensive play (to save a ball) in the back zone, a short loss of contact with the court is permitted. When making a defensive play (to save a ball) in the front zone, not being a block, a short loss of contact with the court is permitted.