Coaching Nova Scotia website - VIP coach mentor program 

Coaching Athletes with a Disability NCCP online training ($15) will provide coaches the ability to:

  • Explain the benefits of sport participation for persons with a disability;
  • Communicate effectively and respectfully with, and regards to, persons with a disability;
  • Design positive, safe, and inclusive sport experiences for persons with a disability; and
  • Consider next steps in their professional development related to coaching persons with a disability. 

wheelchair basketball players during a time being coached

Coaching athletes with a disability - manual - 48 page PDF, which is the best place for anyone to start looking for information and tips

Coaching Kids of All Abilities - Jumpstart Canadian Tire online course 

National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP):

Alpine Ski - Instructor and Competiton from

Equestrian - Equestrian Canada NCCP

Boccia - NCCP & Sportability resource

Goalball - NCCP has community and comp dev

Swimming - Swim Canada Introduction to Para-swimming

Wheelchair Basketball -


Other Para Sport coaching resources

Alpine - CADS instructor training manual & Volunteering 

Athletics - seated throwing manual

Cross Country ski - Competition Development

Sitting Volleyball - Skills and Drills 

Snowboarding - Park to Podium LTAD

Table Tennis - Smash Down Barriers

Archery - Adapted manual

Therapeutic Riding Equestrian - CanTRA Theraputic Riding

Rowing - Row Perfect UK

Wheelchair Tennis - Instructor Manual

Waterskiiing - Ski and Surfboard Canada