Canadian Adaptive Snowsports

We here at CADS Nova Scotia have been preparing for our 2018/19 season –

Membership Registration Process:

STEP 1: ONLINE REGISTRATION /MEMBERSHIP for Participants, Athletes, Instructors and Volunteers

It is time for returning and new members to obtain a yearly CADS membership. CADS National has updated their website at

With the new Goaline Registration System, those who are skiers and snowboarders participating in non-competitive programs are “Students”. Also, with the new registration system everyone is “New”, please select “No” when asked if you have been a member before.

If you do not have a credit card, please ask ( ) for a paper form, mail it in with your cheque and you will be registered online.


Once again CADS NS will be able to offer some program time at both Martock, Wentworth and Ben Eoin based on the number of volunteer instructors available.

IF you are interested in participating at a specific ski hill for one of the CADS program days either as a participant, instructor or volunteer then please fill out the PROGRAM REQUEST FORM.  Receive a copy from 

The program request form is not the same form you fill in online to purchase your CADS National membership–your CADS national membership must be purchased first, and then you can complete the PROGRAM REQUEST FORM and e-mail it to the CADS provincial office to ensure that CADS NS has the proper information to allow the CADS Ski Hill  Program Coordinators to match participants to volunteers and instructors .


No one is covered by any CADS insurance (nor is CADS equipment covered) until you are a CADS member. You will not be able to participate in any programs or use the equipment unless you are a CADS member

For general information on the CAD programs at each hill:

Ben Eoin Coordinator: John Ling –

Martock Coordinator: Darcy and Kristy –

Wentworth Coordinator: Ed McQuillan –

Please be patient and considerate when corresponding with the ski hill program coordinators, this is an unpaid volunteer position and their time is as valuable as yours. If you would like to volunteer for a hill coordinator position, please contact the Ed

CADS Instructors & Courses:

Course scheduling will depend on the need/demands and course conductor schedule.

Course Information will be posted on the CADS Martock

CADS Wentworth Facebook sites.

Opportunities to Support CADS NS:

During the last few years CADS NS has been fortunate enough to have significant donations and partial donations to support the CADS NS program. These include a new building for CADS equipment storage at Martock and Wentworth as well as a new bi-sit ski for CADS Wentworth, (supported by the Truro Rotary Club)

Of the $40.00 membership fee, only $10.00 goes towards the provincial organization. This represents annual revenue of approximately $1000.00. Presently CADS NS needs

  • parts for repairing outriggers and sit skis
  • New sit skis–each sit ski costs between $5,000-$6,000
  • Support to keep our learning facilitators upgraded and get  new instructors trained

 There is a huge opportunity for individuals and businesses to support the CADS NS program –we just need the right vehicle to spread the word  Everyone notices, points at and watches sit skis on the hills, what a great way to advertise your company logo, where everyone is looking!

Let it Snow…well on the slopes at least!


Ed McQuillan:  President CADS NS; Prov Rep CADS National Board of Directors

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